APFC Panel

APFC Panel

Srinath Electric’s Automatic Power Factor Correction System is exclusive with its Custom Based Design, supported by the Load Study Conducted on-site with High-Speed Power Quality Analyzer with recording interval selected as appropriate to the study, counting on the loading pattern. System design

The system is essentially designed as a series RLC Circuit to suppress the transient inrush current while injecting reactive current. Its Components Selection is critical thanks to the inherent operating parameters of the Capacitors, which pulls high inrush current during switching and while opening out. The Electrical charges remain within the capacitor, thereby build up the Restriking Voltage. These characteristics of the Capacitors need careful study and selection of the right components to make sure an extended life for the entire system.

The choice of capacitor duty contactors with damping resistors protects from inrush current during switching. The coil-wound inductors provide additional protection from short-time high current peaks. The sequential cyclic switching of capacitors with preset time delay for safe discharge of capacitors increases the lifetime of capacitors. It avoids problems rooting from voltage peaks while energizing the charged capacitors at sinusoidal peak instants of the availability voltage.

The selection of capacitor stages with appropriate stage ratios matching the load profile provides power factor correction with high resolution.



Fast Real-Time Transient-Free switching of Capacitor Banks and additionally has precise and quick relay controls

Damage Prevention Center

It prevents damage to sensitive electronic equipment in the network, it avoids overcompensation under light loads 


Accuracy of +0.8% for Reactive Power, + 0.5% for Current 6 or 12 steps to operate Capacitor Circuits.