MCB distributed by Srinath Electric provides MCB that’s substituting the rewireable switch-fuse units for industrial applications in an exceedingly swift manner. The MCB is a blend of all three functions like protection of short circuit, overload, and switching within the wiring system. Protection of overload by employing a bimetallic strip & short circuit protection by a used solenoid.

These are obtainable in several pole versions like single, double, triple pole & four poles with neutral poles if necessary. the traditional current rating ranges from 0.5-63 A with an asymmetrical short circuit breaking capacity of 3-10 KA, at a voltage level of 230 or 440V.

In commercial applications, single-pole breaker circuits safeguard 20V branched circuits, and double pole breaker circuits safeguard up to 240V branched circuits. During this miniature breaking circuit, the voltage rating could be over that of the circuit voltage, but it’ll not be less than the circuit voltage.


They immediately detect any abnormality and switch off the electrical circuit automatically. preventing any damage

Instant start over

The power supply can be resumed almost immediately. The MCB  switch simply needs to be pushed back to the On position


Compared to other devices it can be used again and has minimal replacement and maintenance costs

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