Motor (starter)

Motor (starter)

The Moter (starter) provided by Srinath Electric, be it any motor control system will satisfy your project needs. Including low-voltage (600V and below) control centers (MCCs) includes indoor and outdoor applications. Additionally, we’ve UL file extensions for various major MCC manufacturers and may customize their standard product offerings to satisfy your unique project specifications.

Integrated motor controls will include solid-state controllers, electro-mechanical starters, variable frequency drives, reduced voltage solid start starters, panelboards, PLC control sections, communication packages, and more.

Providing topnotch after sales services is our topmost priority.


Motor (starter) is definitely a simple and most economical starter and is easy to operate.

Eco friendly

Due to the structure, it creates one-third less footprint and clearance


20 times higher mechanical and electrical endurance and 50 times operations between maintenance intervals

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