RCB distributed by Srinath Electric provides RCCB with Residual Current Sensitivity – 10mA, 30mA, 100mA, 300mA, 500mA, 1000mA and Different Residual Current Sensitivity Tripping level serves a purpose. The recommended tripping level for max shock protection is 30mA which is provided by us as well.

Note: A tripping level of 100 mA will still give a degree of shock protection if it’s unfeasible to use a 30mA device. While a 300mA should never be used for shock protection, its purpose is to supply fire and equipment protection.

We also trade 2 Pole RCCB, which is employed just in case of a single-phase supply connection with only a live and a neutral wire. 3 Pole RCCB is analogous to a 4 Pole RCCB, but it only has three wires of a three-phase system. 4 Pole RCCB is used just in case of a three-phase supply connection also a further connection for the neutral of the availability. 

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Provides protection against voltage fluctuation as it includes a filtering device that guards against a momentary change of voltage levels


RCC automatically disconnects the circuit when the rated sensitivity is exceeded.

Dual transmission

RCCB offers the possibility of dual termination both for cable and busbar connection.

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