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Company History

Shrinath Electric is an eminent company in Electrical Products and Accessories.

Shrinath Electric primarily deals in switchgear trading viz, MCB, ACB, relays, contactors, Electrical and automation panel, etc, other than that Shrinath Electric also deals within the supply, dealing, distribution, export and import of the widest range of electrical and electronic items that might suit every sort of project, economy and medium. Our products include instrument panel & Motor Starter, ACB Switchgear, MCB Switch, Timer, Relay, Contactor, AC Drive, PC Controller, IGBT, SMPS, PLC Programmer, PID Controller, Sensor, Counter, etc. and it’s one of the leading market traders in Gujarat.

Shrinath Electric was initially started in 1995 by Nathulal J Porwal and then taken over by his son Dilip N Porwal in 2000. Since then it has been able to engage 1500+ Customers. It was started in Rakhiyal and since then it has been established in the same place.

Shrinath Electric is an ISO 9001:2005 certified company which deals in Industries such as Textile, Chemical, plastic, metal, automation, etc., and engaging over 1500 customers on a monthly basis.

Its product ranges from panel boxes to panels.

Electrical Distribution Panel Board Manufacturers

Our Expertise

After extensive research and efforts of the professionals, we have been successful in surfacing a quality range of Electricals, Electronics, Panel Boards and Other Electronic Devices. Our range is procured from the some of the reliable vendors and manufactures across the Indian Subcontinent. This range finds application in varied homes, offices, industries, malls, schools and more. Further, clients can avail these quality products in bulk quantities to avail the affordable rates. Beside the products under this range we offer all types panels, starters & cable wires, AC drives, P.L.C., IGBT, SCR, SMPS, AVR, Bridge Rectifiers, Servos, Semi conductors and PLC programmers.


AC Drives, PLC, IGBT, SCR,
SMPS, Bridge Rectifier &


Insrumentation solution for your
manufacturing problems,all
types of testing


Automation solution for your measuring instruments, PID controller

Switch Gears

Switch Gears items for Your Production & Manufecturer Units

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