VFD (AC Drive)

Shrinath Electric is well trusted VFD Panel, VFD Control Panel, Variable Frequency Drive Control Panel Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier industry in Ahmedabad, India. Our VFD Panel products contain high quality material at affordable prices. The Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) affects electric motors by varying their frequency and voltage.

Shrinath Electric Provide Automated Control Panels (ACP) best in class quality of Automation Panels such as Automation Control Panels, PLC Automation Control Panel, VFD Panels, etc. Electrical control panels are designed and accustomed to controlling mechanical equipment. all is meant for a selected equipment arrangement and includes devices that allow an operator to regulate specified equipment.

The automated control panel consists of a controller. The controller may be PLC, DCS, relay, or another type. It gives a signal input digitally to the MCC panel to begin the motor. The automated control panel works on the basis of the PLC /DCS program or the relay logic. Instruments are normally connected to the automated control panel. Indications for the interlocks also are going to be there within the automated control panel. Nowadays single panel is used to separate the control and MCC panels.

The price of electricity has risen dramatically in the previous few years. Electrical equipment producers and researchers have been looking for ways to reduce the amount of electricity they use without sacrificing the equipment’s efficiency. The use of variable frequency drives by manufacturers is helping them manage energy more effectively in today’s market (VFD). 

VFDs are utilized in a wide range of equipment, from simple electrical appliances to mine mill drives and compressors with enormous horsepower requirements. Choosing the best industry like us, the best VFD drive manufacturers in India, and configuration for a given application necessitates much research and planning beforehand. For your convenience, we’ve compiled a list of the VFD’s benefits below.

Control of Speed and Torque

job is to let you fine-tune the speed of your electric motor. The efficiency of a system can be enhanced by adjusting the speed of an engine to fit the process requirements. The motor’s speed and torque can be adjusted using a VFD.

Decreased Use of Energy

As much as 53% of overall CO2 emission reductions can be attributed to improvements in energy efficiency. Variable frequency drive (VFD) can reduce energy usage by up to 85% in electrical motor applications.


To allow the user to modify parameters like acceleration time, deceleration time, total load current, etc., most VSD comes with basic LCD or LED display keypads. The inverter can now be tailored to the specific needs of the user. Most VSDs contain advanced units that can transfer parameters between themselves to make things a little more complicated. In addition to this fundamental feature, most units on the market today include serial communication ports, which connect to personal computers and let users examine their system’s behaviour.


You can operate synchronous motors as well as induction motors according to the characteristics of the machine you are driving

Wire Variety

contacts are in most cases normally open and provide operating power to the load when the contractor coil is energized


20 times higher mechanical and electrical endurance and 50 times operations between maintenance intervals

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