Difference Between MCB and MCCB

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The distinction between MCB and MCCB is often misunderstood. Even though they are both circuit breakers, there are significant variations between them that allow them to be used only in certain circumstances. In the field of electrical products and accessories, Shrinath Electric is a renowned firm. We are among the best MCB panel manufacturer in Ahmedabad.

Before going over the highlights of each, let’s first define the abbreviations used. Moulded Case Circuit Breaker (MCCB) is an abbreviation for Miniature Circuit Breakers (also known as MCBs).

While both have interrupting ratings under 18,000 amps, the MCB has a lower rating because of its lower current capacity. For this reason, their trip characteristics can’t be changed because they’re designed for low-speed circuits only.

Higher-end MCCBs, on the other hand, come with a variable trip characteristic. Depending on the situation, this sort of circuit breaker can deliver up to 2,500 amps or as little as ten amps. Depending on the model, these devices can interrupt anywhere from 10,000 to 200,000 amps worth of power.

Since their power capacities make them suitable for low-energy applications like house wiring or small electronic circuits, it is not surprising that the MCB is commonly found there. The MCCB, on the other hand, is better suited to powering large, high-capacity devices.

The capacity of an MCCB is more than that of an MCB, but both are considered low voltage circuit breakers and should, as a result, adhere to IEC 947 regulations. Some MCCB units feature electrical motor operators to be tripped with just a remote control for the benefit of convenience. They can be utilised as backup power in commercial or industrial settings via an automatic transfer switch.

Installing or removing either of these devices is a breeze because of the specific wall recesses they’re set in. Both are designed to work with only direct current and are typically arranged in a tier system to save floor space.

Circuit Breaker in a Molded Case

Difference Between MCB and MCCB Difference Between MCB and MCCB

After a circuit surge has been “tripped,” it is common practice to reset it. According to the manufacturer, both the MCB and the MCCB are incredibly long-lasting and can survive for many years.

It would help if you thought regarding how much power will be flowing through the device before choosing between an MCB and an MCCB. As previously stated, because of its greater capacity, MCCB is more suited for use in higher energy environments. Of course, the MCB is the circuit breaker of choice for domestic use. Medium or high-voltage circuit breakers are the next best option for applications requiring more power than the MCCB’s 2,500 amp limit.

Circuit breakers are required for the safety of any structure that needs electricity. To prevent electrical difficulties or fire hazards in a house, these devices switch off the electricity supply. When a “short circuit” or “overload” occurs in the system, this is what happens.

As a result, only an expert should handle the installation of either an MCB or an MCCB. As a result, there are several possibilities for issues to arise during use. The appropriate MCB or MCCB brand selection is critical, as certain brands are superior to others in terms of performance. Circuit breakers should be placed in easily accessible areas, so everyone in the building is aware of them.

Difference between MCB and MCCB

  • In comparison to an MCCB, an MCB only goes up to 100 amps.
  • An MCCB useshas an interrupting rating of 18,000 amps, while an MCCB has a rating of up to 200,000 amps.
  • 3.MCBs are typically used in residential settings, whilst MCCBs are more commonly seen in commercial and industrial environments.
  • Both are IEC 947-compliant low-voltage circuit breakers.
  • It is possible to have some MCCB devices that respond to remote control signals.
  • Electrical circuit breakers are used to keep the system safe.
  • It is the responsibility of the people who live in a building to know where the circuit breakers are located.
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