Electrical Control Panel: What It Is And Why You Need One?

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Have you ever wondered what is Electric Control panel is and why it is used? Manufacturing products and using industrial machines require the implementation of various functions and working of different components together so that the best results are achieved. Electrical and automation panel work in making these possible. Here we will look at electric control panels and learn more about them. Let’s know about it.

What is Electric Control Panel 

An Electric Control panel is a kind of electrical device which manages the functions of different industrial machines and their equipment. It is a kind of metallic box made up of various electrical components that work together to look and control the working of different mechanical machines. The different components in the panel help in finishing up different tasks like checking the flow, finding any default, assessing its functions, and many more.

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Types of Electric Control Panel

Have you ever wondered how many types of electric control panels are there? Well, with this heading it is quite clear that we will be talking about different types of electric control panels. Here are some of the different types of electric control panels.

  • Automation panel – Automation panel is also known as SCADA or PLC panel. It has proved itself to be an efficient and important control panel among others. It is a kind of digital computer that can be programmed. It is used in a lot of electrical circuit fitting. It has been integrated with PLC programming.
  • MCC Panel – MCC panel is also known as a motor control center panel. As the name suggests, it is basically for controlling different motors. It controls many motors from a specific or central location. They are used in industries where many motors are used. MCC panel components are the combination of different enclosed sections. TheMCC panel manufacturer is controlled by a motor control panel or remote.
  • PCC Panel – The power control center is often shortened into a PCC panel. Their basic or main function is to distribute electricity for use from the sources. This system can be easily handled and also has protection and devices for safety against short circuits, under or overvoltage, and other electrical hazards. The power used by the panels can be from 440 V to 800 V AC. It is generally for power control purposes.
  • Power distribution panel – A power distribution panel, as the name suggests is a device that distributes power into other circuits. Its function is to divide the power into other circuits. There are manufacturers of power distribution panelsone among them being Shrinath electric. It has protective circuit breakers and fuse to avoid any electric mishaps.
  • APFC panel – APFC, Automatic Power Factor Control is used for improving the power factor. It is used to reduce power losses and other issues related to power usage. Moreover, you can easily use it to control power usage and avoid any power factor surcharges. You can also look for an APFC Panel manufacturer in Ahmedabad if you stay nearby to buy an APFC panel.
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Why do you need an Electric Control panel

Well, now that you know about electric control panels, have you ever wondered, why do you need them in the first place? We are listing here some of the reasons why you need an electric control panel.

Controls the functioning of various electrical machines and equipment.
Does monitoring at a very high level of the machines.
It helps to find faults, identify flow and circuit breakers.
It can easily handle complex electrical components.
They can easily control different motors from central and specific locations.
It helps control power and helps in the automation of industrial machinery.

Where did you buy it from?

Electric control panels are used to monitor machinery in large industries and manufacturing companies. You can buy them from electronic stores and even online stores. One such store from where you can buy an electric control panel is Shrinath Electric. You can buy the device both by walking into the store or through online mode.

Electric Control Panel has a lot of usages and is very important in maintaining the mechanical equipment and industrial machines. Now, when you very well understand the importance of it and its need, you can consider buying it as well. Shrinath Electric is one such place where you can buy it. It is situated in Ahmedabad and provides the best electronic devices.

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