Cables & Wires

Cables & Wires

New-age technological necessities are upgrading day by day and ahead, and you need to possess nothing but the most effective in Cable Technology. Whether it’s for connectivity or transmission, Srinath Electric has emerged as a prestigious distributor for availing an array of Cables befitting demanding industrial requirements. We induce only the best Cables and Wires. We are providing perfect solutions for clients across the country. Having a robust R&D setup, we are ready to develop Cables that meet the initial challenging applications and convey improvements as per the newest technology. The timely delivery of the Cables and Wires is assured through a streamlined production and a well-maintained supply chain system, helping us cater to the clients’ needs with the utmost efficiency. Working as per the policy of total quality management, we’ve managed to determine a loyal client base that consists of individuals who won’t only use but recommend our wires and cables to everyone they meet.


Base metals & insulation

Cable and wires are made of aluminum or copper. Available in both bare and insulated and generally covered in a thin layer of PVC

Wire Types

Cables contain at least a neutral wire, ground wire, and hot wire that are twisted or bonded together. Depending on its purpose, the cable may contain more wires

Color-coded wires

The wires in a cable are insulated in their own color-coded layer of PVC. The group of wires is then encased in an outer sheath to make up the single cable