Power Distribution Panel

Power Distribution Panel

Shrinath Electric Power Distribution Panels provide unmatched flexibility, durability, and performance. All of our control panels are built to UL 508A standards and can be crafted to be used in an array of applications. We manufacture panels starting from simple, compact control panels to more complex systems with integrated PLCs, VFDs, communication packages, and more.

We provide all control panels with all types of advanced electrical instruments and programmable logic controllers. All kinds of interfacing/ interconnections as per industry standards & latest technology customers get one roof solution for all industrial automation requirements like instruments, software, and panels. In addition, various sorts of custom-made and application-based control panels are available to suit customers’ needs.

Multiple Incoming sources

It includes main circuit breakers and also provides residual current or earth leakage protection devices.

Symmetrical assembly

Panels are assembled in a systematic manner such as incomer section and outgoing section

Additional Benefits

Reduction of costs, more transparency, and collaboration, wider customer reach, and faster growth