Overload Relays

Overload Relays

When It comes to Right Products Brands Create a Difference, The overload relays distributed by Srinath Electrics is committed to fair dealings plays a severe role in supplying truly promising products to our customers as they have. We at Srinath Electric provide the overload relays and other products with the best manufacturing units with matching expectations & comfort. Our Overload Relay brand partners range from Havells, L&T Schneider Electric, Seimens, etc. We deal in thermal overload relays, Magnetic overload, relays, Electronic overload relays. 

Providing topnotch after sales services is our topmost priority.


It cuts off current to the motor when a high-current situation develops due to a ground fault, short circuit, phase failure, or mechanical jamming

Automatic Reset

It returns to its original “closed” position after a specified period of time


Relays with visual indicators are products that feature light-emitting diodes (LEDs) or other status indicators

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