PCB distributed by Srinath Eletric’s provides PCB all kinds viz Single-Sided PCBs, Double-Sided PCBs, Multilayer PCBs, Rigid PCBs.

Flex PCBs, Rigid-Flex PCBs. We offer in-house PCB boards. We have a wide range of printed circuit board PCBs with high quality and minimal price. Get a range of sizes like 4×6, 2×3, 4×3, 8×4, and quality like general-purpose zero PCB, FR4, and many more.

Providing topnotch after sales services is our topmost priority.


the interconnection between the components is made through copper tracks which makes the interconnections less bulky

Ease of repair

Labeling allows convenience during the installation and repairing process as well as repair process

Tight Connections

As the connections are made automatically through copper tracks, there is no chance of loose connections or short circuits

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