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ACB distributed by Shrinath Electric’s Air circuit breaker (ACB), or intelligent universal circuit breaker, is a perfect choice for the solution of the power distribution system at 50 HZ, rated voltage 660V; its premiere performance will protect the system and equipment from overload, under-voltage, short circuit, single-phase grounding and other failures. Geya air circuit breakers are designed with an intelligent protection system, provides the system with enhanced power supply reliability; also, its open communication interface meets the need of the automation system. We offer ACB, which has over current protection up to 15kV with an amperes rating of 800A to 10kA. It operates within the air (where air-blast is an arc quenching medium) at air pressure to guard the connected electric circuits. ACB has entirely replaced an oil breaker because it’s still a preferable option to use an ACB. After all, there’s no chance of oil fire like in an oil breaker.

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Fuse, relays, switches, and other circuit breaker-related devices and components are also employed for this function. To keep the system stable and reliable, circuit breakers are used in industries and power systems to manage and protect various circuit components, including switch gears and transformers and motors and generators/alternators.

The Air Circuit Breaker (ACB) is a short-circuit and overcurrent protection device with an ampere rating of 800A to 10kA that is utilized up to 15kV. Air-blast is used as an arc quenching medium and operates at atmospheric pressure to safeguard the connected electrical circuits. The oil circuit breaker has been replaced by ACB since using an ACB is still a better option due to the low risk of oil fire compared to the oil circuit breaker. You can trust us as we are the most impressive control panel & switchgear manufacturers association.

This sort of circuit breaker operates in a way that is distinct from most others. To prevent arcing from reestablishing where the contact gap can resist the system recovery voltage, a circuit breaker’s primary goal is to stop current flow. It does the same task differently. When the arc is interrupted, it generates an arc voltage rather than a supply voltage, ACB Electrical Panel Manufacturers. To keep an angle going, you need at least a specific voltage to do so. It is possible to use a circuit breaker to raise the voltage in three ways:

Cooling the arc plasma raises the arc voltage. A higher voltage gradient will be necessary to keep the arc stable as the arc plasma temperature drops.

It is possible to enhance the arc voltage by stretching the arc path, which is accomplished by breaking the arc into multiple series. As the arc route lengthens, more arc voltage is supplied over the arc path, increasing arc voltage.

Wide Range

Air circuit breakers are produced from 630A up to 6300A. There are lots of models that give flexibility to the users

Constantly Developing

Air circuit technology is developing day by day. Each manufacturer launches advanced products almost every year

Long Lifespan

You can use an ACB for years without changing. The lifetime varies from brand to brand but the electrical lifetime of a good ACB is around 10000 break/make operations

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