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MCCB distributed by Shrinath Electrics provides MCCB in which overload safety is obtainable by a molded case breaker through a temperature-sensitive device. This device is especially a bimetallic connection where the connection includes two metals that get enlarged at different rates when those are subjected high range of temperature values. Generally functional conditions, the bimetallic connection will permit the flow of electric current via MCCB, MCCB Distribution Panel. Whereas when the current value reaches over the tripping voltage, then the connection will initiate to get heated and then get molded due to the varied thermal rating of heat enlargement inside the connection. and eventually, the connection will bend over to the purpose of manually that pushes the tripping bar and unlocking the connection, which results in circuit interruption.

We provide the range of rated current up to 1000 amperes; trip current can be adjusted and features a Thermal/thermal-magnetic operation.

Providing topnotch after sales services is our topmost priority.

Molded Case A circuit breaker, often known as a medium-current circuit breaker or MCCB, is a self-resetting electrical device. There are three types of circuit breakers: thermal, mechanical, and electronic. Since it functions as a mini-circuit breaker, it’s an improved version of an MCB. Other capabilities like remote closing and configurable trip settings make it a better circuit breaker, so we, mcc panel manufacturer in Ahmedabad, may change the current settings and time settings as needed.

An arc chute is a series of electrically insulated parallel metal panels. By splitting and prolonging the arc, it aids in putting out the fire. In some circles, it’s also called an arc divider or an arc splitter. The ferromagnetic substance makes up these plates.


The metallic conductors that convey the current to the load are known as contacts. A fixed connection is one sort of contact; a moving contact is another. Arc-resistance material with low resistivity and Corrosion is used for the communications. The material’s quality determines the circuit breaker’s lifespan.

Mechanism of Action

MCCB’s mechanism opens and closes the current-carrying connections as needed. The operational mechanism is triggered by a trip unit that is connected to it. The thermal and magnetic means used by the trip unit make it work.

Connectors for Terminals

The MCCB is connected to the external circuit using the terminal connectors. To join the output/load, combine both of the upper terminals to the output/supply. They are bidirectional, although they are designated as input and output because of the way they are physically installed.

Unit of Travel

The unit activates the functioning mechanism. It has a thermal overload mechanism, magnetic tripping, and a test button for short circuits, all of which are built into the trip unit.


MCCB are Compact in the measure. Hence it spares a significant space inboard plan

Limited downtime

Reset and Switched-On again instantly in the wake of finding the blame that caused the stumbling amid activity

Easy to Assemble

MCCB with the combination of one of the two different trip elements will protect the circuit against situations

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