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The Moter (starter) provided by Shrinath Electric, be it any motor control system will satisfy your project needs. Including low-voltage (600V and below) control centers (MCCs) includes indoor and outdoor applications. Additionally, we’ve UL file extensions for various major MCC Manufacturers and may customize their standard product offerings to satisfy your unique project specifications.Integrated motor controls will include solid-state controllers, electro-mechanical starters, variable frequency drives, reduced voltage solid start starters, panel boards, Motor Control Panel Board, PLC control sections, communication packages, and more. Providing topnotch after sales services is our topmost priority.
To start an induction motor, you’ll need a motor starter. Because of the low rotor impedance, this is the case. The rotor impedance is dependent on the induction motor’s slip, or the difference in speed between the rotor and the stator, to determine the rotational speed. The title has an inverse relationship with the impedance.

Because of this, the induction motor’s impedance is at its lowest point, and it draws a significant quantity of current known as inrush current. Therefore, the slip of the induction motor is at its highest point, i.e. one at rest (rest position). Due to the strong inrush current, the air gap between the rotor and stator becomes magnetized, Motor Starter Control Panel, creating an electromagnetic field (EMF) in the rotor. In the rotor winding, this EMF creates an electrical current that generates a magnetic field, producing torque. The motor’s slip reduces with increasing rotor speed, resulting in less power pulled from the motor.

The high inrush current is 5-8 times greater than the average full-load current rated for the circuit. As a result, a high quantity of wind can burn or damage the motor’s windings, rendering the machine inoperable. It can also cause a significant drop in supply line voltage, putting other connected devices in jeopardy.

Since there are so many currents flowing through a motor at startup, we, electrical wire and cable manufacturers in India, employ a starter to keep that current low for a brief time before returning it to its normal state after reaching a specific speed. During regular operation, they protect against fault circumstances such as low voltage and overcurrent.


Motor (starter) is definitely a simple and most economical starter and is easy to operate.

Eco friendly

Due to the structure, it creates one-third less footprint and clearance


20 times higher mechanical and electrical endurance and 50 times operations between maintenance intervals

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