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When It comes to Right Products Brands Create a Difference, The overload relays distributed by Shrinath Electrics is committed to fair dealings plays a severe role in supplying truly promising products to our customers as they have. We at Shrinath Electric provide the overload relays and other products with the best manufacturing units with matching expectations & comfort. Our Overload Relay brand partners range from Havells, L&T Schneider Electric, Seimens, etc. We deal in thermal overload relays, Magnetic overload, relays, Electronic overload relays.

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To put it another way, thermal overload relays use the electro-thermal properties of a bimetallic strip as their working principle. In the motor circuit, it’s arranged so that it currently passes via both of its poles to the motor. When the current flow surpasses a preset value, the bimetallic strip bends because it has been heated up.

When used, contactors are required since they are always used in conjunction with them. In response to the bimetallic strips heating up, the trip contact closes, de-energizing the contactor coil and interrupting the flow of electricity to the motor. When current flows through the OLR, the tripping time decreases. Because current flow increases with voltage, it tends to trip more quickly. As a result, thermal overload relays are also known as current-dependent and time-delayed relays. There is no bimetallic strip inside electronic overload relays. Temperature sensors or current transformers are used instead of voltage sensors to determine how much power is going to the motor. For security, it makes use of microprocessor-based technology. PTC detects temperature and trips the circuit if there is an overload. Current transformers and Hall effect sensors are standard components in electronic overload relays.

The lack of a bimetallic strip means that electronic OLR has lower heat losses than thermal OLR. Thermal relays are less accurate than electronic relays. Electronic relays built by some manufacturers come equipped with numerous characteristics, such as protection against earth faults and protection against motor stalls. Electronic overload relays are well-suited for motor-starting and stopping applications. We can provide the best materials as we are the Schneider overload relay supplierbest MCB channel manufacturer in Ahmedabad.


It cuts off current to the motor when a high-current situation develops due to a ground fault, short circuit, phase failure, or mechanical jamming

Automatic Reset

It returns to its original “closed” position after a specified period of time


Relays with visual indicators are products that feature light-emitting diodes (LEDs) or other status indicators

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