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The power contactors distributed by Shrinath Electric‘s Power contactors consists of Insulated Material of XLPE; PVC has a Higher current rating and emergency overload rating and has a Superior short circuit rating. Additionally, Low dielectric loss far better insulation resistance; immune to chemical & corrosive gases, etc. Better resistance to surge currents; for a much longer lifetime of the cables. Providing topnotch after sales services is our topmost priority.
A contactor is a device that controls electrically. It serves as an on/off switch for machines. The contractor works like how a relay switch does. The contractor has a higher carrying capacity, while the relay runs at a lower voltage. The Contactor does not provide overhead and short-circuit protection, although it does switch off the main supply if the coil voltage rises. The Contactor is made of iron and has an iron core. Both the fixed and movable coils are made of insulated copper wire.
The copper coil is connected to the fixed loop using a coil connector. The power supply has six connections, 3 of which are for fixed coils and 3 of which are not for movable rings. We are the most promising power factor capacitor manufacturers in India. Because of the high initial current and temperature required to start the motor, the Contactor’s terminals are manufactured of special copper alloy to survive those conditions. To open and shut the movable coil, a spring is needed in between them. Contact coils, relays, timers, and many other components of control circuits are examples of low-current loads.

Prototyping Service

Contactors can be field mounted easily and are compact in size

Mask Making Operation

Contactors are in most cases normally open and provide operating power to the load when the contactor coil is energized

Web-Based Applications

20 times higher mechanical and electrical endurance and 50 times operations between maintenance intervals

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